Chris Coggburn - Geek for Hire



"Developers. Developers. Developers."
Steve Ballmer

Ambitious problem solver with a passion for online businesses, who would like join a team of like-minded developers.

Experience in creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Thorough and precise with a keen interest in technology, mobile applications and user experience.

Responsible for personal development, continually evaluating and upgrading skills to stay at the cutting edge of web development and technologies.

Natural problem solver, always excited to learn new technologies, programming languages or techniques.

Boise, Idaho, USA
(208) 991 - GEEK (4335)


Mobile Development

Horizon Digital LLC 2013 — Current
  • Android Firmware Development
  • Hardware Reverse Engineering
  • Launcher UX Design/Implementation
  • OTA Firmware Updater Based on OpenDelta

Web Developer

Horizon Digital LLC 2006 — Current AMLogic USA NDA 2014
  • Migrated in-house created internal Wiki CMS to MediaWiki
  • PostgreSQL to MariaDB Conversion

Desktop Support

Horizon Digital LLC 2006 — 2014
  • Desktop / Laptop Upgrades and Service
  • Data Recovery and Secure Disposal
  • BGA Reballing and Surface Mount Rework
  • Mobile Phone Repair
  • Television and Car Audio Repair
Best Buy Geek Squad 2006 — 2007
  • Senior Technician Promoted
  • PC/Home Office Sales
  • In-Store Desktop Support

Customer Service and Sales

Wells Fargo Online Support 2012 — Current
  • Universal Service and Sales Banker (USSB) Promoted
  • Fraud Prevention and Access Managent Promoted
  • VoIP Technology Transition Expert Promoted
  • Desktop and iOS/Android Mobile Banking Support
DirecTV LLC 2011 — 2012
  • Customer Relations (OOP) Promoted
  • Customer Retention Group (CRG) Promoted
  • General Customer Service (ACE)
T-Mobile USA 2007 — 2011
  • Senior Representative (CSR2) Promoted
  • Technical Support Promoted
  • Customer Loyalty Team Promoted
  • General Account Customer Service


Web Technologies


System Administration

Linux Server (RHEL/CentOS/Debian)
Apache/Nginx including VHost
SELinux Security

Embedded Systems Engineering

SMT PCB Layout
Embedded Linux Firmware
PCB/SMT Rework and Repair

iOS/Android Development

AOSP Firmware Development
Android Java/Dalvik VM Apps
iOS Swift*

* Currently learning the exciting iOS/Cocoa Platform